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Game News
Aeternum Sanctum is now recruiting and we have an open door policy. We welcome all classes (and specs) and races within our ranks.

A small (and I mean -tiny-) list of questions is given before admittance but that is more to learn about you the player than anything else. :]

Our guild bank is generously open to all members as is our Vent, we do ask that you contribute back into the bank when possible and keep the Vent info within guild (or between accepted instances which are approved).

Guild News
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Guild Bank and Vent.

Ki'senya Amasani, Aug 9, 11 3:19 PM.
Hey everyone!

Sorry for my lack of being on. I think the laptop problems have been sorted out though, so we'll definitely start getting back into the swing of things. :]

The guild bank will be cleaned again this coming weekend. Please make sure to grab things if you want before they are sold.

I know Vent has been down lately and I'll work on getting that back up ASAP!


-sad panda faces-

Ki'senya Amasani, Jul 29, 11 11:57 AM.
Hey everyone, sorry I'm still away from WoW - but I'm having massive laptop problems. I hope everyone is behaving and I hope to see you all soon!

Supporting one of our officers. :]

Ki'senya Amasani, Jul 5, 11 10:20 AM.
I should be getting one of our officer's address soon while he's away for the military. :] I'll be posting it on the forums and asking everyone to please write to him and support him until he comes home. He's currently enrolled in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and hopefully he'll be back to us soon!


p.s. A happy birthday shoutout to Hakusan~!

Working towards our first 10M core team!

Ki'senya Amasani, Jun 2, 11 3:55 PM.
Hello everyone!
I just wanted to give a quick shoutout that I'd like to start forming our first 10M core team for raiding. Please look into the Raiding Forums for more information
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We welcome all classes and levels. :]
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